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A discerning ear for sound, an uncompromising strive for detail,
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Since 1988, Fortune 500 companies, smaller enterprises, and individuals have been building their success with the assistance of Audio Visions. See what Audio Visions can bring to your creative communications project.


State-of-the-art technology integrated into an environment of experienced production and creative service, allows for the recording and creation of audio to meet your individualized needs.


With the benefit of years of experience and practice with a broad range of projects; a constant is the approach to every project with client satisfaction, quality of the final product, and cost-effectiveness the measurements of success.


Examples of Audio Visions' recording and production capabilities


Audio Post

Audio post-production for video. From the dialog recording to sound effects and music... all tied together with the perfect mix.



A variety of clips from the National Archives combined with voice-over, music and sfx make for a rather off-beat presentation of Audio Visions.


Audio Programs

In the style of a radio drama, this corporate program was designed to reinforce the importance of asset management to a sales force.


Instrumental Recording

Large ensemble, group, and soloists. Recordings done in-concert and in-studio.


Choral Recording

Concert recording. Orchestra and chorus.


Choral Recording

Concert recording. Orchestra, chorus, and soloists.


Choral Recording

Concert recording. Men's chorus.


Stories with Sound Design

Storybook audio samples. Narration with music, and sound effects designed to support the author's narrative. All recording done in-studio.


Audio Book Production

Audio Book samples. Abridged samples prepared for online and CD distribution.


Sound Design and Editorial

It's not often I blow my own horn, preferring instead to spend my time making other people sound good. But as a sound specialist, I think it's time Audio Visions made some noise of it's own.

Complete Creative

From concept to completion

A sound recording, editorial and design services company.
Offering solutions to clients looking for exceptional quality.

  • Studio Services

    Studio recording
    Location recording
    Audio mastering
    5.1 Surround mixing
    Narration recording
    Audio restoration
    Video editing
    Audio / Video digitizing
    Phone patch

  • Creative Services

    Music editing and mixing
    Sound design
    Sound for picture
    Audio programs
    Interactive programming
    DVD authoring
    Graphics creation

  • Production Services

    Voice talent casting
    Talent coordination
    Format conversions
    Duplication / Replication
    Package design and execution

  • Products

    The Incentivizer
    On-Hold Messaging
    Download Cards
    The Conference Call
    Audio Brochures

  • Tools

    Sony Creative Software Suite
    Adobe Master Collection
    Wide Plug-in Assortment
    Neumann, AKG, Audio Techica
    Apoge DA / AD
    Tannoy Monitoring
    Hafler and Yamaha Amplification

  • Meet Dave

    "neet tools and he knows how to use them."

    Dave Lock

    Owner Engineer Designer
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    My interest in recording started at a young age with a wire recorder purchased at a garage sale. Next was single channel cassette, followed by a two channel 1/4" reel to reel. (Wow, you could bounce tracks, a whole new world.) By the time I graduated high school, I had recorded four albums and countless demos. As a dedicated musician and member of several bands, there was never a lack of material.

    After ten years with the United States Navy Music Program and a lot of audio engineering training and practice, it was time to strike out on my own. In 1988, equipped with a 1/2" 8-track synced to an Atari computer and a 3/4" Umatic video deck, Audio Visions was launched. I was primarily supplying custom music and sound design to producers of slide, video, and film programs, while at the same time earning a reputation for quality sound recording, both musical and non-musical.

    Over the years, while continuing to offer a high level of recording service, client demand prompted me to add sound and picture editorial as well as the design and programming of interactive media to services offered by the studio. The production of multimedia programs delivered first on floppy disc transformed to the production web-based programs with the growth on the internet.

    While the technology and language of the industry have changed, it's still about producing a product that exceeds a client's expectations. On the music side performers often comment about my being a musician's engineer/editor (Always helps when you can read/interperate the score). On the business side, my corporate clients appreciate my business understanding and how I contribute to their production efficiency and effectiveness.

    My experience in all aspects of the recording and production industry helps me understand the technical and artistic nuances that vary from project to project. This understanding, in turn, helps my clients make the best decisions to achieve their production goals.


    Audio Visions
    7 Rockford Road, Suite 29b
    Wilmington, DE 19806

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